mindfulnessMindful trust training with horses!
This course is for owners and animal lovers who want to learn about the magical connection with animals. What more is possible? What does "mindfulness" mean? Why does "being present" change our friendship? Is it possible to have a happy and easy relationship with my horse?

Day 1
We try to create trust between animal and human.
We explore how the animal reacts to our breathing.
How do we share our needs and our feelings with the animals?
Nonviolent communication is easier than you think.
The human-animal connection without expectations.

Day 2
How we can change the way we look at ourselves and our animals.
Why asking questions completely changes our understanding of the animal.
Why dominating your horse or dog takes away your animal's trust.
Practical understanding to help your pet build trust with you.
The simple way to make positive changes in your life.
Day 3
How to look at negative behavioral situations from a new perspective.
How to create an environment where your pet feels understood.
How to help your pet learn on their own.
How to create genuine trust.
Why working with gratitude means you can achieve so much more with your animals.

We believe this course will change the way you think about connection and trust, and help you deepen your friendship with your animals!